Negative Feedback on Tattoo Eyebrows

As the law stated, “In every general rule, there is an exemption,” it is not always people get a positive outcome or feedback to everything an individual does. Permanent eyebrows in Cardiff offers such service every woman in the world would love but it always has something to remind these beautiful ladies about. The almost close to perfection one can acquire might not always be that easy and attainable for some.


Process itself is painful

People know how the process would work. The actual procedure itself really is painful but to some, especially those people who had experience with the same procedure might feel a little ease during the process. Surgeon would actually explain the process first. It doesn’t always proceed right away to the procedure itself. Initial check-up would be scheduled first to discuss all necessary information the client needs to know.


Healing process can sometimes make one feel itchy

Also, just like other regular tattoo, the healing process is a little itchy, as it requires time to heal. Though the healing process really depends on the person as it varies depending on the age, skin, and the flow or circulation of the blood in the eyebrow area. The moment the tattoo scabs up, the person might feel itchiness that would make her feel like scratching the eyebrows. NEVER attempt to scratch the area, it may cause infection as it has been wounded as the procedure goes. Semi permanent eyebrows in Cardiff on the other hand, might also have the same healing process that requires attention to treatment with ointment and medicines that would be required by the physician.

Cost varies but a little expensive compared to other cosmetic procedures

In order to attain the safest, healthy, and risk-free procedure of permanent eyebrows, it requires a surgeon to be certified and undergone proper training and procedures to make sure the security of the clients. Cost of the service, procedure, and the tools that would be needed are more expensive compared to other cosmetic procedures. Thus, making the client pay more. It is a one-time payment though, which can be divided to the number of years that it would last than buying an expensive eyeliners or the like.


Color cannot be changed that may affect the complexion

The tattoo eyebrows color cannot be changed every day, unlike the pencil eyeliners which can be changed to any colors anytime. Clients should be careful on what color to choose which might affect the complexion over a period of time.


It is technically not permanent

Tattoo eyebrows are tagged as permanent eyebrows for some since it would not require you to do it every single day. But it is categorized as a semi permanent make up in Cardiff as it requires maintenance.


There are times people tend to get so excited and just stick to the good side of a process not considering the cons it might bring them. It is always important to weigh both sides of the picture before making a decision.



John Young